Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dr. Who Ending - Xmas Show

Spoiler! They just couldn't wait to post this as this was in my mail this morning before I even got a chance to see this thanks to DVR. If your a fan and haven't by now watched it, don't know why, don't see this.
But if your not a fan, again I don't know why, this episode is the reason we Whovians love this show.
It starts off with humour, great story telling, action, sci-fi, sad ending, surprise cameo and ends with again,
humour with a great line.

Warning this is the last 5 minutes as presented on the show. So yell at RS for this, not me.

More on the big show now that this episode has finally played I can go ahead wrap up the year.
More on that Tomorrow and announcements on the schedules for the specials.

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