Wednesday, June 29, 2016

4th Of July Movie Showdown

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Final Update:
While Dory took the box office did as expected,  Tarzan  did better than expected what turns out was a date movie more than anything else. But BFG was a total wipeout. Whose idea was to name a kids film with initials? Duh?

Friday Update:
Alternate blog title: 4th of July Movie Wipeout, That's what I should of called this, lol.
Dory will clear $50M and everyone else is on their own. Poor ID2, it's mentioned all the way near the bottom of the article. The alien queen gets no respect, lol.

Go Dory go Dory...did you see Monday's box office? Dory got $10M and ID with only less than $4M. And ID is doing horrible overseas including China. At this rate they can forget the sequel.
Looks like Ellen Dory (lol my new nickname for her) is going to take July 4th weekend. In it's Third week no less.
While they were pushing Tarzan pretty good, there was hardly any push for BFG. I wouldn't be surprise if Purge 3 gets away with beating them both. I actually like the 2nd while the first was meh.
How many times are we going to get Tarzan with so many takes on the tell. That poor actor Alex can't get a break. He hit it big with True Blood and it's been down hill since.
Well that sucks. And only 13 more episodes to boot. Guess the budget most be really out there. Along with salaries and CGI SFX to go with it. But it's all worth it. But maybe George RR can extended a story line and give us a movie. Who would NOT see that?
Don't bother, the video got blocked by Sony Pictures. But still, ain't this usually saved for the home release as bonus features? Putting thi out even before the movie comes out. Guess the trailers didn't help. A little bit desperate ain't it?
Guess he didn't like it. But I guess the visuals are going to awesome for the Avatar sequels. But how about the story. Where are they going to take that?

Talk about ID2 tanking at the box office. Remember Earth vs. Flying Saucers by Ray Harryhausen from the 1950's? One of the first Aliens attacking Earth. Anyway this was release overseas a few years ago but finally gets a release this year in the U.S. I saw the import without the commentary and extras so Amazon here I come. But as a feature itself? Rating 5 out of 5.
More on the radio show coming soon (now I got something to talk about  besides that blue fish, lol.)

2nd Bonus:
People behind Games of Thrones, Prison Break, Godzilla 2014, Pacific Rim and many others. And with Netflix really putting all their resources making their shows a hit, this can't fail. Now how about the cast. I grew up with this so they better not fail like that stupid movie. What junk.

3rd Bonus:
Brent Spiner Interview if he would return to the new CBS series, if Data gets replaced which actor  he would like to see to play him, promoting Outcast and not ID2! Now that's funny.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Game of Thrones Season Finale.

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I waited to post to give everyone a change to watch this in case you missed the premiere Sunday night. Great ending with the image of the 3 dragons flying over the ship fleet getting ready for the big war. And of course the exploding of the castle was a nice touch. That's how to get rid of some cast members all in one shot, lol. Well at least we know how the next season is going to start.
Thanks to Warcraft the studios are going back to some old titles and rebooting them. This one being the first of many coming down the pike including Minecraft. Can it be any better than the ones from the 1990's? And I barely remember those besides being bad B movies.
It wouldn't have mattered if Will Smith was in it or anybody else. Audiences just got tired of alien attack like movies. You can thank Sci-fi channel for starters with Sharknado and others.
Includes 5 clips of the different Enterprises getting blown up. Must of been a slow news day. Fun to watch tho. But you have to ask yourself, What again blowing up the ship? Ran out of ideas did we?
Actually the Enterprise had a Meh among fans and what better way
He shows up at the last 2 minutes in The Force, just to leave No. 8 and not even be in No.9. Great job if you can get it. Why even bother with a story line like that anyways. Then again The Force awakens was more of a Han Solo movie with all the other hcaracters spread out through the galaxy. Even R2D2 wakes up at the end. Yeah thanks for joining the movie, you garbage can.

Behind the "scenes make of" on the second to last episode of the epic battles.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Dory Finds More Box Office Gold

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A little blue fish  kicks Big Alien Queen's ass at the box ofice. Now that's funny. Guess Roland might not get the chance to have his sequel to ID. July 4th and China will have the final answer to that. Butgoodfor Ellen who was pushing for this for the longest. Pixar went ahead with Cars 2 (original sucked) and Monster University (did we need a prequel to that?) and sat on this project for 10 years. So Ellen gets the last laugh on this. Success is the best revenge, lol. So how about a trilogy like Toy Story? Why not?
Wow already they're writing this off and it's not even July 4th weekend. Will China save this for another sequel. But this tanking here is really embarrassing.
Mini-review: 3 out of 5. More of a disappointment as this is really more of a rehash of the original than a film on its own merits. But still some great disaster scenes and gotta love that big alien queen.
Full review on a new radio show hopefully this week.
And we know who's behind this of course. After Dory's big win for Disney the Mouse is getting bigger than ever. And what Disney wants Disney gets. And after the big fail for X-Men which has not broken the $600M mark with a huge budget and advertising costs, it's not the big money maker Fox hope for. Even Singer moved on to other projects. And forget about FF. Less said the better.
Read the quoted paragraph from Matt Key: "We're years away from that ever possibly happening"
Years? Really. The mouse counts months, not years.
Well this is different. At the 2:30 mark Deadpool does his 5 points and then announces Japan release of Deadpool film. They waited this long to release this?
Are they trying to bury this film. What the hell is a Rhianna song doing here. Like the last Bond song this doesn't fit whats so over. "I got a funny feeling about this" oops wrong franchise.
Forget about the sequel to "Block". When a mega budget like ID can't score at the box office it looks like people are tired of the Alien invasion. Boyega already has Star Wars and Rim franchises. Lets try something new and original folks. They both have the talent to pull it off.

Coming tomorrow:
Today's blog was way too long so I will post Games of Thrones finally and why ID2 failed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ID:Resurgence vs Finding Dory Showdown

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Wow, they don't even give ID a break over here. Saturday is not over and already they're burying the picture. Guess they really love that blue fish. But I said, it's next weekend that's going to count. Both Tarzan and BFG are predicting to bomb. So it's back to both ID and Dory for next weekend.

Friday Update:
While it looks like Dory is going to win the weekend., ID is not that far behind. The big 4th Of July will tell a better story for the final showdown. This weekend is just the start.

Thursday Update:
A recap of the aliens from the first film and how it relates to the sequel. Some cool tidbits in here including 42 images in the slide show.

While Dory might beat ID2 this weekend, it's July 4th weekend is what counts. Will Dory have repeats while word of mouth will carry ID2 thru the holiday weekend. Even then Emmerich is not wasting time on it's sequel......
Big spoiler in the article! Which leads to  the third sequel story. Sounds interesting and different from the usual aliens invading earth. But where else can you this?
You know there's trouble with the movie when Disney starts advertising this 6 months before it's release, right on 4th of July weekend. Is the House of Mouse nervous?
More details about JL movie. The best part is that it's going to be lighter tone than the dark, heavy tone of the previous movies.
Didn't see that coming. Them being a private investigators last season was kind of lame. Where else can they go from there. But if the new seaon is only 8 episodes which will come out to a 2 and half hours on video, why not come out with a movie then? Not that long of course ubt stick with a R rating and it would be hilarious.
While Archer gets renewed, Vinyl bites it. $100 million to produce  and $30m spent on the pilot alone. It didn't look it and the show got a lot of the trivia from the 70's wrong. Not even Olivia Wilde going naked and Scorsese producing could save the show. Now that's embarrassing.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Dory Breaks New Record

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5 reasons why Dory was a big hit. For me it was a generation who weren't around for Nemo. Which is why Independence Day 2 will be a big hit and why Jurassic World was a big hit. Besides everything else has pretty much sucked since Civil War. Even X-Men has done meh business.
So young and it's a shame. At least he left a good body of work yet to be released. As far as the Trek franchise goes, if the next film tanks they won't have to worry about replacing him with another actor or have a new character at the helm, like the cartoon series when they had an alien when Walter Keoning didn't return to do the the voice of Chekov. Then CBS will just concentrate on the new series and the whole crew can kiss that 5 year mission goodbye.
Here is a strange one. This article came out just before the announcement of Anton's accident.
It mentions the pressure of this one being a hit. The way all these other sequels are doing (minus the fish) the prospects are not looking good. And that trailer did not help matters!
Great 5 minute video included on the making of the episode. Highlights the battles and the dragons.
The original was supposed to be directed by Sidney Lumet but he wanted to go by the novel and was fired. So now they finally going by the book. This was Charles Bronson big break in the 1970's and the picture was huge box office. A big favorite of mine. Let's see how this works out.

My top 5 favorite Pixar movies:
Finding Nemo
Monster University
Toy Story Trilogy
Honorable mention: A Bugs Life.and The Invincibles
Worst: Cars 1 and Brave !

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Finding Dory, Summer's Biggest Hit

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Dory clears $140M. Not bad for a little blue fish.
Mini-review: 4 out of 5.  While not as tight as the first one, it has great characters and great humor is all there with Ellen D who does a terrific job voicing the fish. Her comic timing is perfect for this. Note: There is a short film that comes before this about a baby bird finding her way among the beach. Real cute. And spoiler alert: there is a post credit scene at the very end aka Marvel. Hint: Sequel.

Well that kind of settles that doesn't it? And wait till China gets a hold of this. Remember they had their own fish called "The Mermaid" making over $500M in that country alone. So now it's just a matter of time where in the Top 10 all time this is going to land.
Both Dory and Kevin Hart are both going to do great. People want to laugh especially after all the things that have happen these past 2 weeks, human nature. While Dory will have the big sweep, Hart's will also do great since this past month the box office has been dull for movie fans. Whatever the numbers are it will be a funny weekend.
5 minute plus video with interviews with the cast. There is a spoiler or two relating to the story. What's great is seeing Ed O''Neil and Ellen D doing the interview together even tho they never saw each other doing the making of the movie as most cases in doing animation.
Who? Don't matter. AT least they got the character on the show. Not a good sign for the movies tho. And if legend happens, who ever plays Superman on TV it doesn't help their careers down the line. It's more like a curse than anything else. Think about it. All those in the past, where are they now?
Big spoiler. Going the same route as Civil War, X-Men, BvsS and fighting something huge. But still looks cool and let's not forget Minions did the same thing last year..

Updated this afternoon:
A little detail. Clint Eastweed was going to direct with Beyonce to star but Jay Z made too many demands with the music. Bad idea since Clint is a musician himself and goes more for a Jazz angle and did not want to go with Jay Z hip hop rap angle.So what did Clint did. Give Cooper the Rights to direct and let Cooper pick his leading lady. And Gaga has proven herself with her acting. Man I love this story.

Bonus: Saturday's Show:
PS I saw Finding Dory after the show in 3D hence my review above and not on the show.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Warcraft Is Still Doing Strong.

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Still breaking records but no word yet on green lighting the sequel. So Hollywood is getting worried about this sequelitis thing. Especially when a film is huge overseas?
Lots of behind the scenes on marketing information here but when it comes down to it, you can promote the heck out of the film and if the fans down come out and see it, it will be a failure either way. Look at Civil War, great turnout and it still failed to crack the top 10 all time.
Now this would make a great duo, no pun intended to DC, lol. But having these two smart asses against each other would be fun as heck. Gotta keep the R rating or there's goes the fun.
What is the title to this one? Indy Jones and The Fountain of Youth? how many stuntmen are they  going to use to replace Ford? It's time to call it quits while your
Milking yet another franchise. I never got unto these except the time travel one (it figures). But again they bring up the merchandising. How about telling some good stories. Guest that doesn't count.
While I have no problem with the female angle to this, will the studio change their minds if Ghostbusters is a bust? And how about all those other rumours of reboots of other franchises with an all star female cast? Since studios don't have aclue what their doing anyways?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Warcraft No. 1 in China

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Might be a slump over here but China is having a field day. This summer is a bust. Simple as that. Las year we had 5 top 10 all time box office movies. The leading one so far is Civil War and that has stalled at No. 12. The best of the crop are Finding Dory and Independence Day 2 and those are lucky to hit the top 20. And forget about Suicide Squad. China has a built in hatred for DC so that film is screwed.
While Conjuring did good over here in the U.S., internationally horror movies don't do good at all. So while Warcraft did poorly, Europe and other countries are going to give us a sequel.
Here's a couple of titles they can choose:,,,  etc. Does it matter, they ruined this trilogy as it is.
This video does make a point. How can there be mistakes in animation? My favorite is the moving poster in the background. Either way I'm looking forward to the sequel which will be huge considering every other movie has flopped big time. No competition with this one.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Warcraft Doing Huge Overseas

6/8/16 blog will be extended through out the weekend. No Live on MNN this weekend. New radio show this coming week. Full Warcraft review.

Gamers rejoice! $145M in four days in China and crossing the $300M this weekend. Wow that's a lot of money in a short time. Finally gamers get their due with a sequel (not official but you know Hollywood) and a start of a brand new franchise. This is so cool.
Mini-review. 3 out of 5. While I knew this was a start up of introducing this world and it's characters and lot of exposition for the set up, it took a while for me to get into this as I wasn't familiar with the game itself. While it had great direction and SFX the first hour was a drag but the last half hour was fantastic. Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings. Now that ain't a bad thing is it?

$90 Million in 4 days alone in China. Topping F7 record! At this rate the film will break even here with the other countries making the money and after that we will get our sequel. With no blessing from the U.S.

Predictions for this in China is that it will land second or match Furious 7 for all time box office.
This will be the deal breaker for a sequel as the U.S. looks like a total bust. It won't matter and good for Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son).  If this film was a bust he be back doing straight to DVD or cheap Hallmark movies. Watch Disney call him for a Marvel or Star Wars movie, after doing the sequel to Warcraft that is. And "Moon" 2009 was one of my favorite movies for that year.
A follow up to the last blog about Sequelitis. Now the studio are worrying about audiences are getting tired of sequels. DUH! But as far as the Conjuring 2 being the box office winner, screw this film. Hated the first one (top 10 worst film list) but I loved Now You See Me 1 and looking forward to that along with Warcraft being the original. And hopefully it will break that video game to movie bomb curse that all these films get stuck with. Again great for Duncan Jones. He'll write his own ticket now.
While a cool video you can't help to think how desperate they are to make you want to see this film.
No matter what kind of marketing they have lined up for this, it comes down to word of mouth. And already the hardcore fans have written this off. Well those damn trailers didn't help. Not funny.
They should release it like they did with Richard Donner's Director's cut of Superman 2 with Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando. Of course Richard Lester took over and had Susanna York Supermans mom talk to him instead of Brando. Talking about F4 we filmed at Yankee's Stadium for "Leavy" True story about a military dog and her handler starring Kate Mara. I was 5 ft away from her at a given time, her dressed in full military uniform. Couldn't believe she was Sue Storm. She was so short, lol.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Ninja Turtles Sequelitis Blues?

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Our website has been updated with new dates for our live show.
New word for the box office blues. In this article it states that Civil War has not been affected and did better than the last Captain America, at the rate it was going it should have broken the top 10 all time by now and still hasn't.
In this one it claims movies that wait for 20 years for a new generation to flock to a franchise aka Jurassic World. Tell that to China who rejected Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office. How do you explain that. Check out the two lists included: Sequels that outperformed the previous film and ones that didn't. Wouldn't want to be the studio on that second list.
Step in the right direction. While it is a show about Supergirlol, those teases in the first season didn't help matters mentioning she's a cousin and never showing Superman in in full. Well about time. And remember, Batman is getting his own movie again with Affleck, no mention of Anpther Superman solo movie, he's lucky he got Justice League.
This can really uplift the second film. Remember many did not know Elba before PR1 and now their pushing him for Bond. So getting a international recognized face will help boost this franchise. And no offense to Hellboy himself but mostly he's a character actor with a cult fanbase.
A Hamm playing a ham. Couldn't resist. Now this would be so funny seeing Hamm doing comedy with a straight face. And seeing a live action film based on this is even funnier. Bring it on.
No CG used here. Real cars through out the window. Kind of a waste of cool cars if you ask me. Check out the helicopter on the left hand of the video. Part of the action or filming it?

Never mind the remake which will probably that instead of a female mermaid it will be a man. Yeah big twist. . But...This has to do with Craig joining SHO and doing the 2 years/seasons instead of the $100M payoff for James Bond. As I mention the payoff was better !? I tried to explain as best as I could but here in the video at appx. 7:00 Producer Grazer breaks it down in better terms. But I was right, lol.
PS: Love the Hanks version. I actually met Hanks and Ron Howard  when they were filming this at Wall St, NY during the Taxi chase scene near the end. While taking a break from directing a scene I approached Ron Howard for a autograph and was very appreciated that I asked him. While Hanks was in the car at the time for the chase scene he was blocked the work crew but did say hello. Very cool from both of them. More on the radio show this week.

Bonus 2:

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

BvS Ultimate Edition

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Friday Updates:
Now that's funny, how wonder the Cinematographer is not working on on Justice League. Sounds like he wasn't a fan of the movie he worked on. What a diss, lol

Bruce Campbell as Mysterio which would have been he's biggest break in his career, kind of got cheated on that one. And Vulture, both in which Ben Kingsley and John Malkovich where signed up for and even tested the costume. Well that was screwed up all round. Well at least The Vulture might finally make it in the new Spiderman. Hopefully.
Besides showing extra bits in the trailer, it has lots of features included but where's the commentary?
Zack always does a great job with his commentaries unless they plan to double dip like they did with 300 which had multiple editions. Talk about milking it. Trailer and over 100 pics are posted here.

Big news here and this is why Marvel gets it right. Especially after that X-Men let down. But still after the massive $1Billion mark for Civil War, that has stalled at No. 14 international box office failing to take out Iron Man 3 by $100M. So what's going on here. Check out the bonus link on the bottom of the blog and I'll let you figure it out.
It looks like they are really wraping this trilogy up if they are going for the old look. Yep looks like another reboot is heading for this franchise.
How convenient, she directed BBC1 The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston. Well hell, if that work then these two together making the next James Bond should work out. Mendes said he's done and Craig looks like he's out....see next link..
2 seasons on Showtime starting in 2017. Yep that kills it right there for Bond. But why turn that kind of crazy money for Bond that was offer? Cause he's the executive producer which gives him a higher title than actor followed by more crazy money. Short cut: repeats and BR sales, etc he'll make more here than the two bond films. Makes perfect business sense. The money is in streaming. Check out Clive Owen in The Knick. 2 years on that show and he cleaned up.

I put this down here cause some hard core fans will go in denial and scream that this is not the reason why X-Men did MEH at the box office. I do I agree with this? I'm just glad you're reading this blog even tho I got very few hits on the last blog about the let down at the box office. Holding that against me are you? lol.