Monday, June 01, 2015

Weekend Box Office Report


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San Andreas at $53M. Again nobody predicted for this to make that much for a none holiday weekend. Hear that Tomorrowland? I went Sunday night and the theatre was two thirds full which is usually the norm for a big hit at this cinema. At least I wasn't alone, lol. Good for The Rock. He can open a film by himself. Guess not being much in F7 people wanted to see more of him without a long wig and a stupid looking lion head on top of that (Hercules that is, 3 out of 5). The big surprise is that this only costs $100M while it look like at least a $150M movie. SA gets a 4 out 5. Good Fun!
Well they screwed this up big time. What should be No.1 is not even on this list. The big mother of all time is The Poseidon Adventure 1972. The remakes, quite a few, don't even count. This is the movie that started it all. Even tho Airport 1970 can be considered the grand daddy that gave Producer Irwin Allen the idea for TPA. And what is Contation and Alive doing here? Screwed up list.
Quick top 5:
The Poseidon Adventure 1972
Towering Inferno
Earthquake (which SA got the idea for the dam to break)
Airport 1970
Airport 1975 (The stewardess is flying the plane!)
For the rest: Titanic, 2012, Deep Impact, Day After Tomorrow, Twister.
The movie with legs. Still hanging in there with word of mouth. And doing great internationally considering it's taking forever to be released in many countries. ATthis pace we'll hopefully get another sequel.
I know, who cares but...some interesting choices were announced, and there are:
Most exciting new series: Supergirl made this list along with Muppets and Scream Queens amoung others.
Reality Competition Series: Face Off. Love this show and guets included Rick Baker, Doug Jones and that girl with the tail fom Farscape.
Animated Series: Archer! Love that last 2 parter with it's Fantastic Voyage theme. Funny as heck.
Actress in a Dramatic Series: Cookiiiiiiiiiiiieeee! Taraji P. Hensen for Empire. You go girl!

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