Monday, June 08, 2015

Weekend Box Office News

Live on MNN now playing on MNN. Clip is below the links. Included is my shoutout to the Godzilla community page. New BTR coming this week.
Spy should have done better considering how Kingsmen did and people are waiting for the next Bond. The Rock has broken the $100M mark so good for him. I hated Insidious 1 & 2 so no way I'm going to review that. And forget Entouage the movie nobody was asking for no matter how many cameos are in it. Mini Review: Spy 3 out 5, hit and miss on the jokes. Hopefully the reboot Ghostbusters will be better.
Truth or Bullshit? Let's not forget, another couple of years all rights to the franchise goes back to James Cameron. And he's got Friends to the end buddy Arnold so of course he's now praising this reboot. And look at Cameron's schedule: he's filming Avatar sequel back to back, just in time to free up his schedule to take over the Terminator franchise. Truth or Bullshit?
He hears the complaints and still wants to do this? And by putting Carpenter and Russell is still not a goo idea. Remeber many years ago Carpenter started remaking some his films and the results were disasters like "The Fog" and "The Thing". The Halloween reboots don't count by Rob Zombie by the way. The Rock should just do San Dreas Part 2 (joke folks) and forget Carpenter all together.
Have to agree with this one. "Collect them all!!!" Change the look and you have to have it in your collection. AS far as the plot, who cares? I'm just glad the original characters are all here for the most part, sorry Lando.

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