Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No. 3 Picture Of All Time

New Radio Show coming Tomorrow. No MNN Live for the next 4 weeks.
Great article explaining why the fans are behind this and other franchises. It's all about family and the characters the audiences love. But for me? The film finally did it. No. 3 of all time. But it won't last foever. Jurassic World is doing exactly the same fast business that Furious did and at that rate it will hit the Top 5. We also have to see where both Bond and ST7 is goin to land in the top 5 with everything pointing to ST7 taking out Titanic. Which ever way you look at it The Avengers got their ass kicked this year.
Great interview wih Cameron on working with Horner. But we got robbed since Horner didn't get a chance to start on the Avatar sequels. So who is going to replace him on this project?
A great break down on some of his earlier film scores. 6 scores that you can listen to. But notice how similar ST:Khan and Battle Beyond Stars they are. If you get a chance check out Roger Corman Classics DVD special editions they both have behind the scenes making of features. Battle Beyond The Stars talks about how closely Horner worked with the editors on the film. Humanoids From The Deep has an actual interview with him explaining why he wanted this film and how he scored it.More on the radio show tomorrow.
While this is really cool and I dont' have a problem with Affleck doing this, it's a shame that DC/Warners have to depend on Batman for guarantee boxoffice. Maybe if they didn't screw up Superman.......
Another studionervous with their properties. F4 hasn't even come yet and thier betting thier hunches. So sad. Just give all these francises to Marvel and let them sweat it out. They make winners.
These are basically shots from the special and afterwards on the set. At least you get to se how that selfie at the nd looked like.

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