Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Radio Show tomorrow and Live on MNN this Saturday. Youtube video included at the bottom.
Well this was a time saver for my radio who. They must of the eggs right from what I can tell and even mention the military raptors and human/dino breed. One that wasn't mentioned was when the military lands on the beach Danofrio brings in his mercenary's. They show up in Lost World and at the end of JP3.
I remember reading this book over 20 years ago. This was written as a ripoff to Jaws and JP. And this idea has been sitting on the shelf forever. Well now that JWorld is huge it figures they go back to this. The only good thing about this is Director Eli Roth. It's time for hin to move to the big leagues with a movie with a huge budget.
Who? Never mind. This is not the right time to do this when the Franchise is up for grabs. No reason to rock the boat. Give Craig a raise and hold on to this franchise and don't wait to long for the next film. As far as the others up for the role, hey not so fast. Roger Moore did the longest run at 7 films.
Craig should do at least 5 to 6 films.
Why? Since Tomorrowland bombed they had to go with the past sutf again. But they won'tmake Tron right?
Why, everything points to a stinker according to that trailer. Already thinking of a franchise before they know they got a hit. Kind of desperate on thier part? Vin is big with the Fast Furious franchise but will his fans want to see him as a hunter. They gave up on him with the Riddick character.
Dude builds his own Star Trek Building in China. Cool video shows you the inside of the building.  If I had the money that's what I would do after I built my 1966 Batmobile of course.

Branagh is perfect for this remake which I have no problem with as I like to see what kind of an ensemble they would cast. Below is a making of video from Sidney Lumet Oscar Winning version. This is from our Youtube Channel.

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