Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Wrap Up

New Radio Show this week: 4th of July Showdown.
Dinos lead the charge for thethird week in a row. Again the question where in the top 5 of all time is it going to land in the next 2 weeks. Ot depends on Terminator Genysis this 4th of July weekend. Already with mixed reviews if it turns out to be "Phantom Menace" bad, JWorld will take it with leftovers handed out to Inside Out. Look what happened to Ted 2, Total wipeout. Poor bear. But look what Amanda Seyfried has said about Ted 3......
Someboy wants to keep this franchise goingand keep a job, lol. While not as funny as the first one I wouldn't mind one more for the heck of it. Hopefully it won't be heavy on the message and be so damn serious in certain parts and have more fun with the material.
Murphy is back to comedy and this idea works. But will idea be enough for a sequel or will it be a one note joke. But seeing these 3 together is enough for me. The first seemed to be a one note idea but turned out pretty damn funny, Can magic strike twice? Now about that Beverly Hills Cop
A team shrinks to fight bugs. Forget Ant-man. This is The Incredible Shrinking Man meets Fantastic Voyage. See IMDB. As a matter of fact James Cameron was going to do Voyage but instead chose to do Avatar instead. Good move, lol. AS a matter of fact the FX series "Archer" covered this movie at the end of its 2 parter season finale. And that was funny as hell. Either way with today's CG this should look great.
2 Parts? That's pretty ambitious fora foriegn film to put out here in the U.S. Either way these filmmakers are going to make the next Japanese Godzilla while we wait for theU.S. Godzilla to come out. By the looks if it it looks like the franchise is still in good hands.

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