Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

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He's been pushing for this for the longest. And he was perfect as Obi-Wan. I'll be looking forward to this one instead of that Rogue movie. That is just a plain waste of a story, no matter who is directing it. I usually don't go for articles based on rumours, but like I said, It's been McGregor who has been pushing for this. This would be a shame if it doesn't happen.
Two good choices for Star Wars that i agree with. But checkout the comments, especially the 8th one down. A big diss to Kevin Smith, lol. Now that's funny. That Tusk movie was awful. Beware of Johnny Depp Cameo in that movie. Man, he needs Pirates sequels.
Wow, there are not taking any chances with this one. The Director with one of the the biggest film of all time, F7 at No. 4, is getting a big paycheck for this one.  While I'm not a big Aquaman fan I would like to see his underwater Kingdom on the big screen. That would look so cool.
How about he is in too many movies as it is. Every other month there's a movie with him in it. The latest one, a direct to video, where he plays a president whose Air Force One goes down and bla bla bla. We need a break dude. But he needs Marvel. It's a huge cash cow for him. For that I have no problem with that has he owns that character and has earn it after that Star Wras Trilogy disaster, no fault of his. He'll be back for the Avengers for sure.

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