Thursday, May 28, 2015

San Andrea Preview

New Radio Show Sunday and one more Talk Shoe Promo. No MNN Live, it's my weekend off.

Saturday Update:
Looks like The Rock has pulled it off and Ptich 2 and Mad Max are rounding off the top 3, speaking of which.....
Thank you Tomorrowland for tanking at the Boxoffice. And that's Disney reasoning for cancelling Tron 3. Now that's strike 2 for Director Brad Bird. Better go bck to animation.
The film that grew legs. Meaning it still pulling in theaudiences after a couple of weeks instead of opening big andthen disappearing twice as fast as the others. And Edited by a female no less. And the real hero of the movie is Charlize Theron. Has that for a macho movie, lol. Girl Power all the way.

Friday Update:
Trip down memory lane for those who grew up in the 80's. The tag line that descirbes this video is dead on along with a 80's Saturday morning cartoon segment (really bad drawing) and The Hoff sing the end song! Yes the Knight Rider car makes a cameo, lol. All in good cheesy fun. Something to start the weekend if you haven't decided which film to see if you haven't seen it. Go Mad Max!!!
I'm surprisd this isn't being release as a 3D format like they did with JUrasaic Park. It's for the better. I remember seeing this in the neighborhood theatre, that's no more. The audience yelled and clapped when the shark blew up at the end back in 1975. Yep the audience was crazyback then. Same when Godzilla flew at the end of GZ VS The Smog Monster. Can never forget the those memories. See photo below of the Essex theatre down by the lower eastside.

This article cracks me up. Talk about covering their asses with their predictions.  See! Even they don't know what to make of it, lol. Do people want to see something that you can see on the syfy channel countless of times or can The Rock bring them in? He couldn't do that with Hercules. I love disasters movies and who doesn't like the Rock? Yeah, I'll be there, probably in a empty movie theatre.
Pro and Cons on this new theatre attraction. Me, I couldn't care less. Nothing is going to keep a bad film from being a stinker. And a great film doesn't need all these damn gadgets. But to each their own. Good coverage in this article. The poll at the end suggests the people would see this format depending on the movie itself.
So now he's got Marvel And Star Wars under his belt along with the Apes franchise. This is so way cool. Like I said he will get a lifetime achievement Oscar for his work in Mo-Cap. He deserves it.
With most of the original cast coming back they can without Will Smith. It's about the aliens anyways. So Will Smith decided to do Suicide Squad instead of this. Does it matter?
Goofing on Will Smith with Deadshot. Great website with lots of trivia, check out all the other articles posted, this will keep you busy for the rest of the weekend.
Maybe eleven two many? Now everybody is crazy about all the characters on the show that are already on. That chubby dude getting his ass kicked in the last episode. And how about more of Peter  Dinklage or more of the Blondie in the buff! C'mon like you wouldn't like to see more of that. And I wouldn't mind to see more of the dragons, Can never get enough of dragons. Ah, but that's just me.

2 movies for a dollar before 6 pm. Except for Jaws which was a whopping $3.00! This close down by the mid 80's and turned into many different things. Now a care center somewhat. This was my schooling on movies.

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