Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk  Radio show now playing: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth and MNN live this Saturday.
And guess which other film gets a mention in this article: Beast of 20,000 Fathoms with with Tchnical Efects by  Ray Harryhausen as listed on the DVD/BR disc. A film that has not been put on Dinosaur lists on the internet. *See below in the bonus section.
Jeez, the movie just came out and now they have a preview of the Blu-ray gift set. Man they really thought this out a long time ago didn't they, lol. But it sure looks cool tho. Time to make room on the shelf.
First time hearing about this. Sounds like nonsense but heck, its Variety magazine so what thehell do I know.
This is so funny and way cool. He stands still as a wax model and scares the crap out of people. But the best is at the very end (last 6 seconds). "Who's this girl?" What a diss, lol, made my day.
The dude from Walking Dead finally gets his due.

*Bonus Section:
Why is the remake of "The Lost World" here? Those are iguanas not dinosaurs. And Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend was about a baby Brontosaurus and that's it. No multiple dinos are here.
Both Meet the Robinsons and Super Mario Bros don't belong here. Carnosaur & Journey to the Center ot the Earth remake are honorable mentions.

Wow they both got this wrong big time. My top 10 Dinosaur list will be posted tomorrow.

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