Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio, now playing: Tribute to Sir Christopher Lee and horror legends.
New BTR show coming this week: All J World and Dinosaur talk including a top 10 list.
No one saw that coming. Especially for a non holiday weekend. And forget the critics. People love theri dinosaurs. And like I said it help for a generation that didn't see the first one on the big screen.
J World is going to take in at least $180M tthis weekend. Universal has got a hit. Now for JW2.
Update: 4 out of 5. Critics don't know what they are talking about. Loved this. Pratt for Indy!
Very nice. So cool for him to write this. It's a shame you can't replace these icons from the past. More about this on the Radio show.
"House of Long Shadows" (1983)
The only film where all four horror icons, Lee, Cushing, Price and Carridine Starred in the same film.
While they took turns starring in each other films like Lee and Cushing who did 24 together, they never got a chance to make more as a group. Scroll down to the Trivia section for more details on this page for more info.
"Screamand Scream Again" (1970)
While the credits say Lee, Cushing and Price are in the film, Cushing filmed his scenes in one day while Lee only had a scene or two with price at the end of the film. This was mostly a Vincent price film. They used the actors names for Marquee value. A real big missed opportunity.
Looks like this will be Universal's other big film for the year next to Furious 7. And the mouse got stuck with Tomorrowland. He must be a real mean rat by now, lol.
Cute behind the scenes from the original film. More articles filmmaking 101 coming next week for Jurassic World.

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