Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

 Blog Talk Radio Show now playing dedicated to Sir Christopher Lee.
Over $24M in one day at the international Box office. Yep at this pace looks like it's going to break the $1 Billion mark.
Nice long interview if you have ime. They sure have a cool sense of humor on the movie.
Another legend that I grew up with. Dracula, Bond, LOTR, Star Wars and so many more. Now that's a resume. But the fact he was married for over 50 years is the most I'm impress with. Something you hardly here about nowadays. More on the radio show this weekend.
He did a lot of old school classics from the 1970's including Raging Bull and The Right Stuff.  And he is still getting credit for the Rocky spinoff "Creed". And the latest was Ender's Game with Harrison Ford
He almost became Dr. Who. Well that's a shame. Classic star for his time but Oliver is best known as one of the worst pictures to win an Oscar for Best Picture. Actaully Moody was the only good thing about the film and he didn't win. Typical.
Better than J World? Now that's funny. Actually a modern day ripoff from Ray Harryhausen's The Valley of Gwangi. Check it out the video below. This site is a spinoff from Videoland Express produced by my former hosting partner Santos G. He as since retired from the show. Thanks for helping on the show buddy, it was a great 20 years.

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