Monday, June 15, 2015

Huge Jurassic Weekend Boxoffice

 New BTR Show coming this week: Dinosaurs! Also new MNN show on Saturday.
Again no one saw this coming. Well I did say there was the new generation that missed it the first time around and Olders like me to relive the original. So Double boxoffice. Wait till Bond Spectre and Star Wars comes out. All in the all time top 10 (maybe 5?)
Spoilers! It was pretty obvious when one villain got away on the helicopter and was never seen again at the end of the movie. And Speilberg won't leave alone that Military idea about the raptors since 2007 when it was first proposed. That idea is getting tiring since first hearing about. But I still loved the movie. See the comments posted on this article on people think. See below for EXTRAs to see links related to Spielbergs idea. This will be talked about on the shows this week.
15 stills are included here. Pretty damn close to the movie. usually because of budget some of the sets are strip down from the original concept as you can see in the last pic with the big fish jumping up to grab the shark. Look at the stands. This pic had the stands with an overhead not seen in the film.

What the body count happened? DO NOT READ if you haven't seen the finale! Too many spoilers.
With this many cameos are they going to have any screen time for the Sharks. I mean that's a lot of cameos. One particular is Bo Derek. She got her leg bit off in "Orca" a rip-oof of Jaws.  Check that one out, 3 out of 5. Fun and cheesy.
At this point it doesn't matter who they pick but Sony should have stayed away from the casting sessions. So what theypicked Garfield. They can't get their act together in the first place. Thanks to them Butterfield is out. And the main reason I picked him is his work with the fantasy elements in Enders Game and Hugo. Lots of Green screen work. And lots of imagination to sell it. Oh well.

New Blog Talk Radio show either Tuesday or Wednesday before the Live MNN show on Saturday.
2 horrible ideas that Speilberg had in mind for Jurassic Park 4. Oh hell no to either one. Plain stupid:
I'm sure Laura Dern was glad this didn't happened. Neill had enough of the franchise at this point.
UUGGGHHH. What a stupid concept. My question is what drugs were they taking when they thought of this idea.

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