Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show coming tomorrow.
I can't see these two battle it out at the box office. It should be more like a 3 way tie with JWorld and Inside Out. But then again look what Pitch Perfect 2 did with ticket sales. Arnold needs this to succeed or he's really in trouble with his career. At least he'll have Conan sequel to back him up. As far as Twins 2 both Arnold and Eddie Murphy need that as a hit.

Video and 92 pics from the movie. Clarke is adorable that's fo sure. Can't believe it's the same actress with those dragons. That hair color sure throws me off, lol. Hope fully this will be a big hit for her. If not how about as a companion for the Doctor? Another big tv/cable hit be good for her career. Look at her responses abouther future career. A female James Bond? Really?

Col video clip with 59 slides. Looks good so far. But will it be huge? This summer season you just can't tell.

Not much a big deal but howfast this is moving. With Pegg behind the writing so far there's hope it won't be like the last two depending on past stories and actors to move this forward.

3 minute video with behind the scenes. Looks crazy and fun.

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