Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

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Talk about bad timing on losing a franchise. Spectre is going to be huge and any studio would be dumb not to try to put in a bid for this. Sony's recent train wreck with Spiderman and Seth Rogen's comedy doesn't help matters. Even through looks like Warners might have an edge, I believe a certain mouse ear's just gotten bigger  upon hearing about this. You never know.

Cute Jason, real cute. But don't think so. Just to well knwon and getting a little bit old. He still has another Fast Furious film to do and has that Expendables franchise going with a No. 4 being setup.
I wouldn't mind seeing him as Bond myself but he's too much Statham playing Statham if you know what I mean.

That would be a bad remakem, one that should be left alone. He's better playing Snake in Escape From New York without the eye patch. Fighting supernatural is silly. Just ask Arnold when he went up against the Devil in End of Days. And Vin Diesel chasing Witches. Big no no. These guys need to stick with mano a mano macho movies. Escape would make better sense since NY Island is an actual prison and Snake has to go in and get out while kicking ass in between. Yep that's The Rock.

Sounds like their trying to cash in on that Games of Thrones show. And let's not forget this is the Director that gave us Battlefied Earth. Remember that stinker?

Well this came out of nowhere. And coming this year no less. With a list price is just $119 you would have to buy sepearte units for each franchise. Star Wars and Frozen being sold seperately. That can get costly in the family household after a while. But will it be fun or will these be sitting on the shelves?

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