Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR Radio coming tomorrow. New video project is posted below links.

Time to go in Jurassic mode for the week. Great long interview which covers his past work and how much him and Speilberg worked closely through out the years getting this picture ready. Safety Not Guaranteed is a 4 out of 5. With no budget it has great imagination to pull off a time travel movie or is it? It does have a twist so you have to find out yourself.

While not as strong as the John Williams score it does complement the movie very much. Full review on the next radio show.

Why kill a successful franchise? Didn't they get enough from the merchandise products tie-ins? 
Hey why not go ahead and make Tomorrowland 2 and see what thefans think of that. Looks like the House of Mouse screwed up big time on this one. And I still want to see a John Carter 2 Mars movie.

How many times has he said this? We all know money talks when it comes to a bigger pay raise. Then again there's always the broken hip, the warning your body gives you telling you're to old to play this shit. Cute video included from hte Kelly and Micheal Show.

Director was saying he was goin to finish off the trilogy with a theatre release. But fans really hated the second one so maybe to keep his cash cow alive, going to TV was the better choice.

This was such a waste of a time to post. Nothing new here that the fans don't already know. I hate the desperation on the producers part to keep this fresh in peoples mind.

Note: Live on MNN can be seen on the previous blog. Here is the other project that I worked on for Joe recorded at MNN studios. A fellow producer whom I hd the pleasure to meet on the set of The Blacklist. Is this a new Site on outube? Yes, this is where I will be showing other projects including my music vidoes directed by me and my friends. Coming soon this summer.

PS this is only a 30 minute show, not a hour show as its shown.

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