Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New BTR radio show postponed for tomorrow with surprise news coming.
Great to see the original crew involved in this. Especially Phil Tibbet for all you Star Wars Fans. So looking forward to this film. Yeah we know a lot of nods to the First film but remember. We never did see this park come alive so to speak. Mix reviews are coming in but screw the critics. They are probably pissed off theri parents never took them to see this when they were young in the first place. Either that or why as kids we fell in love with dinosaurs in the first place. Yours truly, creator of the first Godzilla community site on G+. So there.......
Wow, opened in China at only $20 Million. Now that's embarrasing. Even the mouse has to learn, you got away of turning of theme park and turned it into a Billion Dollar Franchise aka Pirates of the Caribbean. Lightening didn't strike twice of another theme park ride. And it has nothing to do with original content. It was a them ride for crying out loud and Tron has to suffer for that?
Another better look of the wheels that is worthy of adding to my collection. It does look cool
Another sequel nobody is asking for besides the real die hards. But the again haven't they move on already? Again playing to a new generation that didn't see the original when it first came out.
Finally got to see the final episode of the season where Daredevil actually puts his suit on. And this makes perfect sense of the white suit. Again another TV show DC has gotten right. Now Ihave to go back and review the season.

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