Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday's Independence Day News

Next BTR Radio Show: JWorld BO & James Horner dedication.
Update: Furious 7 is now officially the 3RD biggest picture of all time taking out The Avengers. Yes!
Fun to watch but you couldn't help to wonder who this would be if Will Smith was there.
Includes 30 minute video and a few shots shots from the new ships in the film. Now that Jeff Goldblum has this going again, he's has to get back to Jurassic World as he was mention with that book cameo in the control room. Good to see him onthe big screen with majors instead of duds.
Watch for Brent forgetting Judd Hirsh name. And Jeff copping out on the Aliens or Dinsaurs question.

What a shame. At least we have 3 more soundtracks to look forward to. My first time on hearing him was on Battle Beyond the Stars (Remember I'm a huge Roger Corman fan?) and of course Humanoids from the Deep (personal favorite) and ST:Wrath of Khan which featured music from Battle and of course Titanic. He is one of my favorite composers next to John Wiliams and John Barry. More on the next radio show with a dedication to Mr. Horner.

They weren't kidding when they said they wre going younger but I have no idea who this kid is. Let's hope they don't screw this up like they did with ASM2.

Here there go again. Video Games to film. But it looks like they are betting on Pixels on being a big hit.While I like the concept and don'thave much hope for the execution of the film. But I loved this game at the arcade and even have the Wii version with 9! new monsters, lol. Time to play the game again.

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