Thursday, June 25, 2015

Box Office Preview - Ted 2

New (6/26) Blog Talk Radio Preview Show now playing, testing a new system. Also new album uploaded on Flickr from the Bourne Ultimatum film set.

Saturday Update:
Poor Ted. It won't even clear the $50M that they predicted. If this doesn't do good overseas we won't get aTed 3. Now it's between Jworld and Inside Out to be No.1. This should be interesting.
DUH! A breakdown from the studios point of view and how future releases are looking up.

Friday pdate:
Well that's different. I uploaded a new album on my Flickr page (icon on our website) from the "Bourne Ultimatum" film set. This pics were taken in April 2006 to complete the chase scene that was set in the Winter. Notice there's no snow or ice on the ground in this scene as there was plenty in the chase scene.

Previously from Thrusday:
Ted 2 doesn't have a chance. It will do good but going against dinos and a 12 year girl with 5 mood swings is a tough act to follow. But it should be close. Regardless I'm going to be there aS ted 1 was on my top 10 of the year.
Man he's smart. He's heard of the reviews already and seems to think that the writing is on the wall.
Let's not forget, he's great friends with Cameron as he was the one to think of having an older T800 model fit in the storyline. And if this flops the studio just waits until the rights go back to Cameron and let him do the trilogy. Arnold still have a few good years to pull this off so it can happend.
They are making sure they have him signed up a nd has his scheduled open before he goes on to other projects or at least making time for F8. Now the plot is going to have 2 brothers going against theteam. This is going to be a riot.
This is so funny. They hate the idea about another reboot, he's too young and too White?!?!?
Great way to reboot the franchise Sony. Know what are you going to do?
Pics and video on the new set. There are pushing this pretty quick to make that anniversary. As far as thestory goes hopefully it won't be a redux of a former episode. Enough is enough.
The soundtrack coming out in Vinyl is so cool. I remember getting Albums just for the artwork and getting posters & booklets with some special editions. Pink Floyd even indluded postcards along with thier posters. This soundtrack deserves recognition as the composer did a great job incorporating John Williams score with his own.

Taken at the South Street Seaport Candy Store last year, lol.

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