Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

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Friday Update:
Funny that Statham talked about wanting to be the next Bond. And he didn't want to play a villian of any kind. The main problem with this are two things. First, can they afford him? He gets a Movie salary which pays more than a TV salary. Second, does he want to do a tv series to begin with, a weekly grind for a few months? I be very surprise if he takes this. But check out the poll. Fans want to see this happen.
Oh hell yes. Stupid as heck but still a lot of fun. A lot more fun than Tomorrowland, ugghh.
Well the writing was on the wall. It just happened to get here a lot faster than anyone thought.

He went on line earlier today and is really pushing for this now that Sons of Arnarchy is a wrap.
The last one was a hit went it first came out compare to nowadays like Tomorrowland which is a total bust. (That's one pissed off mouse by the way). Loved both movies and they should complete the trilogy. At this point Del Toro has given up. Doesn't matter if they can get someone wo loves the Genre they will be all right.
Lin directing, New aliens instead of depending on the Klingons and others we've seen already, and Pegg being a trekkie himself writing something original. But what I love about this is the article on the right about Pegg killing off 45 pages. So lets see:1 page of script is equal to 1 minute of screentime and $1M from the budget. Which means we won't get a bloated film running over 2 hours with meaningless exposition and useless subplots. But what Pegg said is the best. It's going to be like a western next to being a thriller. Rodenberry had to sell the show by telling the executives the show was about "Wagon Train to the Stars". Wagon Train was on of TV highest rated shows in the 60's by the way.
I remember this when looking outside my window and seeing a wire spread across the two towers and seeing a tiny tiny real tiny little figure walking on it. Whose the nutjob? I thought. This might be interesting in 3D just to see those towers come alive. Many memories come to mind as I worked
at these towers for 2 years and lost a friend on that day of 9/11 so this would also be a tribute.
On a positive note included here are 19 different posters for the movie. Good grief!  That's all? lol.
Something from our children hood that was always fun.  This and Bond 007 for November. Sorry Hunger Games but that is so over already.

Note: Slow news day so maybe more links tomorrow on this page.

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