Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Wrap Up

New Radio shows both on BTR and Talk Shoe coming this week. MNN Live is now playing on Youtube.
Well it's official. It crossover the $1 Billion mark and now it's just a matter where in the Top 5 this is going to land. It just needs $350M to beat Avengers Ultron. In China it needs $390 to beat F7 and JWorld is at $160 and it just opened last week! Yikes. And we still got Japan to open next month. History in the making until Bond and Star Wars and we'll have 5 new all time Top 101 ever.
Over 7 minutes of behind the scenes making of especailly on the action scenes. Fun stuff.
It's a trap. No way! Bring them all back except that Meesa no wanna die! frog. And don't forget Lando and tell him to leave that bottle of  colt 45 at home.
So Vinny, just in case th at Witch thing don't work out you can start this Franchise right? Remember when Samuel Jackson redid Shaft and that tanked. And they tried a remake with Ving Rhames and that was cancelled after a few shows. I don't think anyone needs this. But a Furious 8 to 15, why not?
Nicely complicated when it doesn't have to be. Typical studios. And that's why Hulk is screwed.
Goes to show you that Sony has no idea what to do with poor old Spidey. And if you listen to the commentary on the ASM2 you think Arad's Ego knows what he talking about like he's the director, producer, writer and everything else. And this is the guy who owns the property, Yikes.

More links tomorrow leftover from the weekend as I'm trying to ctch up including that Dino List.

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