Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jurassic Boxoffice Countdown

2 New shows coming this week. BTR and Live on MNN this Saturday.

Biggest opening ever beatingner The Avengers. Sweet. Wow, nobody predicted this outcome.
Now where in the Top 10/5 this is going to land? If Furious 7 can land at No. 4 this should land at least by no. 5. Now it depends on the repeats as the 3D will bounce this over the $1Billion Mark.

This answers the question how much is 3D prices are part of the Boxoffice intact. This chart explains the different countires which make up the bulk. Internationally it's a lot! But China is just plain crazy with those numbers. Man, Bond & Star Wars are in the money. Top 10 for sure.

34 more slides some of which were posted yesterday near the end of the slide show. But it's still remarkable how much actually made it to the big screen.

This is so funny. Pratt gets his due by one of his own, a dino. But has a good sense of humour too.

One of the big laughs in the movie. There were many but that's who that guy was in the above cartoon as a scene in the movie when the Pteranodons attacked the park's Main Street. Yep the pun was he's song Margaritaville. It's good to have friends in the business, lol.

The other film that will join the All Time Top 10. Good behind the scenes video about the opening sequence. All actors and no CG. That is so cool.

She looks aweful. Either that or it's a bad photoshop pic. I don't believe this at all. She should be a reitred Princess if anything else. When I see the next trailer then we talk. In the meantime ..bull.

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