Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Movie News Links

Daily postings where I chose an article and put my highly opinionated spin on the topic.
First Aunold in 7th place at the Boxoffice with Sabotage. Ouch. Even I didn't see it yet.
A good  example is stated here with Aunold having Escape Plan a big hit in China. Hence why we are going to get an  Expandables 3. Where overseas still appreciate old school action heros. But stateside, after what Chris Evans said about Brands and Franchises last week, actors are going into directing, Evans, Afflect or producing aka Spacey, Leo, Pitt. Poor Aunold. Will people want to see him in Conan? Let's see if the audience wants Dwayne Johnson as Hercules as many times that title has been done to death. Are they going to put up with Conan. Face it. He is no Spartan. And his big backup as Terminator?........
They should think twice about this!!! Pun intended. What makes them think this is going to succeed?
The last Aunold Terminator didn't break any records and we won't even talk about Bales version.
Huge hit for Crowe for what amounts to a fantasy take on the story of the Ark. Even after all
the bitching on this, we get rock monsters for crying out load. I'm still waiting for a picture of the actual ark on Instagram for comparisons. Well, anyone?,,20801587,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontent
The Boy from Oz himself, Hugh Jackman going back to his singing roots again. So far away is X-Men The Musical from going on Broadway? They got had Bats, Spidey and even Superman back in the 1960's. Check Wikipedia : In Other Media for that one folks. But I still love the fact that Jackman has a great sense of humour about it, with Les Mez music in the background. Hell, if I was getting a Bizillions dollars in points, merchandise and god knows what else, I'll be laughing to.
Rip his frigin throat out Rick1 Man a great scene but it leaves us hanging with cannibals.  But never mind that, what blew my mind was the cameo from Star Trek:TNG Denise Crosby?!!! What the hell is she doing on this show? Did Star Trek stop sending her checks?
He also wrote the movie "Flash Gorden" Ah-ah.....
Grew up with Batman '66 tv show which had the coolest car ever in cinema "The Batmobile".
Don't forget it was a movie also back in 1966. On the Blu-ray version it has a feature on Semple Jr. talking about Batman and writing in Hollywood. Highly recommended. You'll get to see more of this when they release the tv show on Bly-ray this year. All 3 season including the year with Batgirl.
Hopefully it will include the 7 minute promotional short never seen on the air that introduces Batgirl versus the Killer Moth villian. The henchman had antennas on their heads aka SNL Killer Bees. Pretty funny.

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