Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thrusdays Leftovers

Links and a review. Coming soon: That Godzilla '85 review, Monsters by Gozilla Director Edwards, and in a few weeks King Kong Escapes, GZ vs. King Kong, Ebirah, Hedorah on Blu-ray.

Redbox Review: By request as a FYI
Curse of the Dragon: 1
This was release 3 years ago as "Age of the Dragon"  (see imdb for details) by the SYFY channel and repackage for Redbox and other outlets. It's basically a remake of Moby Dick but with a dragon. Good idea but no budget. So beware as this is not a new moive and you might have seen it already.
Anyone who grew up in the 1980's would recognize this voice. Check out the first video as it includes the other videos that follow. Some good stuff and great memories.
WTF? Are you kidding me? Out of all Marvel you pick Capt. MEH? The only think that could take DC out is Avengers 2. Don't get me wrong. I liked the first CA and the second one looks good but he is not as strong as Thor. So what if by a miraclet CA 3 turns out to be the best Marvel there is. So what?
He is going up against the biggest of DC icons. And we all know that is going to SUCK big time. Sups prove it. And that alone is why everyone is going to see it, to see how bad it is. I know that's why I'm seeing. They only thing is going to save DC Sups is Ben Affleck. That's right I said it. So What?
Is it really a spoiler? It just confirms the tie in for Spidey 3 but to some it does matter. But still fun.
A blade from the back going through the chest is Rated R? Then what's the Walking Dead rating?
NC-17 Triple XXX? Yeah baby bring it on!!! Who made these clowns (mpaa) in charge?

2 oldy but goodies: A big what if.
He still has 2 more sequels plus the spinoffs to get to. He would be great to direct one of these.
What some would do for love. Damn. He would have been perfect and the tallest. Saw him in the village when he first starting out in the winter. He lad a long coat with a scarf wrap around but you could tell it was him. My first impression. Damn, that dude is tall.!

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