Saturday, March 15, 2014

David Brenner RIP

What "The Tonight Show" could have been. A lot of people don't know that the reason David Brenner was on the many times was that Johnny Carson had him as the leading candidate to take over the Tonight Show. But at that time Brenner had a serious "problem" and was told to check in to drub rehab or lose the future job. Which went to Jay Leno, who wasn't first choice, but got the warning don't try any of that or you won't get the gig. Leno, "rumoured', had a thing for "ganja".

Hello, this is Hollywood! It goes with the program! And Carson of course loved the bottle. You can see
it on some of the shows people. But the title "The Tonight Show" has a great responsibility. So how is
Jimmy Fallon doing? I think he is doing great. More on my show when I go live on BTR.
But I remember staying up late watching Brenner and he was a natural. And Damn funny. His years of standup paid off and Carson recognized this and he almost got the job. What a shame. He would have been perfect. He would have been the one passing the mantle for the best gig in late night.

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