Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Links

Here are todays links with a few left over from Friday as they were last minute additions at the end of last week. And I'm trying to include sites with videos and and other goodies and for today the Star Wars article with Carrie fisher has a radio show!
Good sequel to the original which I loved. 3 out of 5. Full review coming tomorrow.
Cool making of "NOAH" Video with a Long Island location?! The end of the video gave me goose bumps. Looks like a lot of care went to the sets to complement the story. Looks good.
Saw the video above of "NOAH". And now the bad news. I put up articles on this situation last year when "Life of Pi" won SFX Oscar while the company when Kaput. I Can't beleive this is still happening. If it wasn't for the SFX I would wait for Netflix to see this. Crowe or not.
I remember the end of the original film with Aunold sitting in the chair with the narrative sahying he became King. Instead we got a lousy sequel. Finally at his age this make perfect sense.
Note: Includes Radio Show link!
So who the hell is on this if no official cast list is mentioned. Well we all know they have o bring back everyone back or this is going to "Jar Jar' suck. But it does make me wonder when they bring on Cumberbatch and other big names for Part 7.
Direcotr Roger Christian did "Battlefield Earth" with John Travolta. I'll leave it at that.

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