Monday, March 03, 2014

Post Oscar Talk and Links

16 out of 19 Right in my predictions. And My Lupita Won! YES! This was my best ever in all my years of predicting the Oscars. But then again must of it was obvious from all the other awards in the past few months. And of course Gravity took most of the awards even if they were technical. And I never get the screenplays right but that Production Design did take me by surprise. Please check my previous posts to see the list. My favorite parts besides the winners. Selfies and Pizza. Han Solo Even wanted a napkin from Ellen. Too funny.
I'm going to cover all that and more on the BTR show this Wednesday as I'm going back on track for the show which has been playing Wednesdays for 2 years now. Thursdays have been our back up. Why am I waiting? As soon as I psot I'm going to see Non-Stop to check out Liam and Lupita, a role she did before 12 Years for my review tomorrow. Didn't get a chance this weekend due to Oscar prep.
Highlights from the show all on one page. Most online magazines are covering the Oscars so I'm going to spare you with that and get on with our regular Monday links as usual.
Nobody was asking for a sequel to begin with and what made them think this was going to do huge overseas anyways. It's too middle America for Europe.
The Broadway show closed because people lost interest fast. Who's asking for this one?
Here are 2 that people can't wait to begin with! As far as Bond goes they have to get that Blofeld and Spectre going. And I don't want to hear that those can't fit in these times. Villians are Villains!
Disney gets what Disney wants. I don't care how big Sony is and their contracts. Nobody fucks
with mouse. They will get Spidey. Makes perfect sense for Avengers 3 to give that a boost. I've been saying this even before Avengers came to be and this will happen.
And here is your evidence. Sony can give up Spidey while keeping the other characters to keep the Marvel franchise going under their label.
Even Jackman knows this business. Disney will Spidey and Jackman will be replace by young blood. Geez, look at X-Men, First Class. Didn't they replace the original cast?

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