Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Movie News Links

Note: More links coming this week.
The biggest action figure to date for Godzilla, US Market that is. Japan has various sizes that never made it over here. And very expensive as an import. Smaller sizes have also been released.
Cute video I had to add to the list. Gotta go see this, they never disappoint, even the meh ones.
But I can't believe 'Nymphomeniac Vol.1" is being released the same weekend. Now that's sick.
PS: Review of Nym Vol. 1 & 2 coming this week: Rating: 1 - You are not missing much.
She's is doing me proud. And she would make a great Jedi. She could be like Ashok from Clone Wars.
I voted for Bats also cause just like everyone we love to see at rain wreck. Don't get me wrong since lately I've been voting for this to fail. I hope it does great. But everything is stack against it. Just look at the last Sups. Those DVDs tanked. And those count. Just ask Hunge Games 2. Huge.
Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves here? Spidey 4, Sinister 6, Superhero overload?
Look at Agents of Shields, where are the hadcore fans? Ratings are mighty low.
First Rogue, now Storm. What about Mystique? Oscar winner from Hunger Games. Can't touch this.
Wolverine is getting old, Jackman that is. The Box Office wasn't all that and neither was the DVD/BR Sales. Is Jackman worth the $20m plus points to keep this going? International B.O. think it is.
Star Trek:TNG Season 6 is coming out in June. All 6 discs. Imagine just 1-2 discs?
Yep what a great way to re-release these sets again and for us to triple dip into our wallets.
So don't let this fool you. 10 years ago either the French or Germany had a disc where the infomation was hologram and could store almost a 100 hundered hours on one disc. This technology got shut down so fast as the corporations were not done milking their warehouse of their DV stock and Blu-ray was brand new back then. And except for a few sales like Hunger Games sales are down so now is the best time to squeeze us again.

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