Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Mini-Movie Reviews

Just a few today as they will be quite a few for DVD/BR reviews tomorrow.

300: Rise of the Empire - 3
The sequel/prequel that took forever to get here. As far as the timeline these events happened exactly as the same time as the original 300 except the other troops are fighting on the sea. Yep The big tall god is here along with with the ugly hunchback troll with Gerard Butler and his crew making a quick cameo appearence. (Butler did not want to come back so they repeated a scene from the original, which was ok) and without spoiling anything, his wife comes back to lead the charge. The main problem was way to much slow motion was used in the battle scenes instead of being straight head on action when it was needed. A lot more drama in the setup for the big battle at the end but I felt kind of cheated as the movie leaves you hanging for a third sequel. 2 favorite scenes included Eva Green (007 Bond Girl) fighting/sexing her enemy which leads to a funny one liner near the end. And in the middle where the ships collide there's a huge fireball thats explodes but you have to see what happens. That part is  in the trailers folks. I will get this on blu-ray even if it falls a little short of the original but those ships look great, and of course it has a lot of features at 300 BR Special Edition came with. And with that........

300: The Complete Experience Blu-Ray Edition: 5
I loved this movie so much that after getting 2 previous editions I had to get this and it was not a disappointment. This includes a booklet, 3 PIP which you can play during the movie, one of which as the focal points section included but with more extra footage. and finally watch the whole movie in it's raw blue screen action before all the CG/SFX backgrounds have been added.
You can see the movie and in the corner PIP the original is pplaying while Zake Snyder is doing a commentary which is completely different from the regular movie documentary which he does with the writer and Dirctor of Photography.

So whats the difference between this and the regular BR edition? That has the commentary, web episodes (50M) and focal points (60M), which are already included in the Experience edition.
If 3 PIP and 1 PIP blue screen commentary is overkill then the regular edition is fine as it touches most of the making of/.behind the scenes that you need to know. If your a completist like I am (an extremist who insists on including the kitchen sink) then the Experience BR is your choice. Either way hey are both fun. For more details you can check out the reviews on dvdtalk.com.

*Sin City Special Edition had the same technique which you can watch the whole movie in green screen before all the extras were added except it wasn't PIP with a commentary. And on top of that for some strange reason it was speeded up (guess to make it fit on the BR?!) so you had to play it in slow motion which was annoying.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman: 3 - I love time travel stories and this had theright elements but short on comedy but it makes up for it with a senimental tone to it. When it goes into John Lennon's beuatiful Boy" you could tell where the story was going for that sweet ending as it wraps up its father and son tale.  It took a while for the movie to get going in the first half hour but it picks up for a wild chase near the end. Mind you I wasn't a fan of the original as I could never get into the characters so I took this movie for what it was. Stay at the credits as it shows what happens to some of the characters. My favorite of course was the Roman with the fat lady. Real cute.

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