Friday, March 07, 2014

Post Oscar Links and More...

Well the Oscars are behind us but are apparently not the award shows as MTV Movie Awards show  announced their 2013 nominations. And already some sites are predicting hte best for 2014. Which will give me a chance to catch up on these on my Radio show. If you heard my Test on Thursday you could here the tech problem I had. I got cut off before my time! Well that show will go on! It's not over till the fat lady sings! Here are the links:
Well do you see anything? Cause I sure hell don't. But 2 got me curious: (Please see link first)
Exodus: Ridley Scott record sucks lately, it's a remake and his last big Opus Kingdom of Heaven was buthcered by the studio. Shame, see Directors Cut, it should have gotten the nod.
Into The Woods: Meryl Streep proved she can pull off the singing bit with Mama Mia and box office was huge internationally on that one. But can lightening strike twice? Plus it got Depp who also proved he can sing in Sweeney Todd but NOT much box office and couldn't save Lone Ranger. And beyond Broadway not too many people know this show or the music. OK know, name the hit from this!
This is a fun list with tongue in cheek awards. My favorite? Best fight: Got enough names there?
It was also the most watched Oscar show in over 14 years. Yep Ellen has to come back.
Highlights of the show. Pizza delivery guy and Travolta flub were the best. And of course the selfie.
Even I didn't notice. Shame top stars didn't even to wear these.
While I agree with this list they left out quite a few. English Patient anyone? Total crap.
I wll cover this on my radio show and it will be a huge list. Which brings me to....
Some of these were to obvious and a no-brainer. And some were a match to my list below:
The Best and Worst films of all time page going back 20 years by the way. Again I will talk more
about this page on the Radio show and the rest of the website of course.
Talk about going back all these years, check out this list of mini posters and see if you can guess the name of the pictures. I'm reposting this from earlier this week in case you missed it.

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