Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tuesday's Movie Reviews

I'm including extra links and Youtube videos for extra references: 1-5, worst to great.

Non-Stop: 4 - Let me get the con out of the way. great action sequence at the end which you see in the trailerm, so no spoiler, but te editing drove me nuts as it was too much quick cutting and it was hard to make out what was going on besides Liam kicking ass. Besides that, this was interesting as it beganas mystery, then thriller, then staight action movie all in 90 minutes. And fun as hell. And did NOT see the ending coming when it came to the who dunit part of the movie. New Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong-o had a bit part with a few lines, this was filmed before 12 years, but everyone becomes part of the cast ensemble as this is Liam's baby. This is a Saturday night double feature with Taken. Yep that good.

12 Years a Slave: 4 - While a great movie, to me this is a good remake of the 1984's Solomon Northup's Odyssey with Avery Brooks, Capt. Sisko, Star Trek: DS9. It;salmost the same film without the violence. But still highly recommended for those who never heard of this real life story. Note: review is movie based and not BR as I haven't caught up with that yet. And you'll see why I thought Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong-o deserved the award. Sorry Jlaw, your so cute trippin and all but.....
Link below for Solomon Northup's Odyssey credits. Also on Amazon Instant Video $2.99.

Here Comes The Night: 2 (Redbox)- Bryan Cranston plays a hitman with a russian accent in this film noir style of a boring movie. I love film noir but this comes up short. Really! The movie is only 1:15 with over 10 minutes of credits to fill out the 1:30 movie time listed. Wow, that's desperate. Cranston is great as the villain with Star Trek chick Alice Eve holding their own. See the stars but don't expect much.

Hours: 2 (Redbox) One of Paul Walker's last movies. He does prove that he can act (I never questioned it) and does his best. Basically this is a one man show trying to save his baby in a hospital. It beomes to episodic and overstays it's it's welcome at the end. But Walker does he's best to hold the film together.
Maybe with a better director (yeah buddy, you're getting the blame) this would have been a better film.

Oldboy: 2 - Another disappointment. I didn't think much of the original so I thought maybe this could be an improvement. Hardcore fans love the original and hate this one. It didn't make a difference to me.
Brolin is good and it does have a surprise at the end, kinky lol but the highlight is the fight seen where Brolin takes on about a hundred guys. Besides this great scene the movie just drags and I was glad it was over. No fault of Spike Lee as he does stick to the original material and tries to add some of his skills but the story just lacks execution to a cool concept. Below the original fight scene.

Free Ride: 1 - Based on a real life story of a mother trying to survive while caught in the drug trade.
Love Anna Paquin in True Blood but this movie sat here like a big turd. You couldn't care less about anything no less the movie. It plays like a Hallmark Channel movie that's shown in the off hours.

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