Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wednesday's Leftovers

Movie Reviews and Links that didn't make it the first time around on my previous posts.

Movie Review:
Last Days On Mars: (BR) - 2
Astronaut gets infected, goes zombie on his crew who get knock off one by one before help arrives.
No problem with a been there, don't that familiar premise but it takes forever to get it going and it's still boring. No schock value or whatever they were trying to achieve. But for a low buget the sets, suits and the cool vehicles are very impressive compare to a high budget like Prometheus. Better script could of help this since the premise is not bad. Leiv does his best tho. 2 for Tuesday but expect much. Just a half hour of features but you do see how much CGI was needed to accomplish of the sets.
Brand new parody. While not all tht funny it's still cute and well put together.
Why do they keep doing this, just put everything on one disc. You pay enough for it.
Looks exactly like the others pics besides some new bots. Yeah, I'll be there.
While milking a franchise, like above, ruining our childhood, like Ninja Turtles, now he's gotta ruin Hitchcock. That's while he can't read cue cards and walks out of conventions.
West Side Story remake? Are you kidding me? Winner of 10 Oscars including Best Picture?
How are you going to top that. Lincoln got 10 nods and only won 1 for Best Actor Lewis. Geez.
We are finally getting the old Bond back? Gadgets, Bikini Woman, Bald villain and blond henchmen?
Well I had to end on a good note with Bond news.

Godzilla 1985 Update:  I didn't forget that Godzilla 1985 import review. So much was edited for the american release that I'm in the processed of logging the whole damn movie. I'll spare you the details as much involves the politicians sitting around a table going "Now what are we going to do?' You will get the short version of my log but you will get the idea but that 2nd act sure got butchered.

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