Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thrusdays Leftover Movie Links

Updated 3/21 to include the newest Links:
Include some nods to other films that didn't make the Top 10. Man they love to Destroy NYC.
More behind the scenes on Godzila 2014.
Good news for us Kaiju fans. Will it happen? Only if Godzilla does whopping business opening weekend which is pretty damn good.
2nd take with box office comparisons to other films, and it mentions Home video and Merchandise adding to the success of the film.
Makes sense. God rid of the ole been there done that and bring in new characters. But we all know nobody ever dies in the movies. And I've been saying this for over 20 years: Once they brought back Spock from the dead in ST:Wrath of Khan-Search For Spock all bets were off.
With news on what happening with the Marvel universe how wonder Fox is going ahead with Wolverine and FF4 reboot. Man money talks loud.
Translation: Cauron kicked my ass in the 3D department and got an Oscar for it. Time to up my game!
Now this would be awesome! With Reitman still producing they should be on the right track.
Why? Cause Fincher is doing it? There was the telemovie, the Kutchnor version. And mind you, besides the overrated Social Network it was all that at the box office. Nobody is going to care.
Duh! Incredibles should have been the first one to have a sequel considering it missed the boat the past 10 years with the Marvel Universe doing great. And their re-releasing this in 3D. Talk about being late to the party. And Pixar was the most original studio on the planet in their day. What a shame.
And do not get me started on Cars 3 merchandise driven brand. I hated the first one!
We've seen these but nice to post anyway. And that new annoucement? Meh....been there...

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