Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Movie Links

Here are the Usual Suspects for the week: Remember use IMDB for references, titles and actors.
Muppets couldn't clear $20M and got beaten by One of the worst movies of the year "Divergent"?
(Reviews coming later this week). Where were all the Muppet fans? Well that Lady Gaga special did not help. It should have been Muppets and Friends.  No Muppet movie should be more 90 minutes long, and where was Seagal (How I Met Your Mother)  who rebooted the franchise?
This is what they did with "Gladiator" Actor Oliver Reed and The Crow Actor Brandon Lee who both died in the middle of the Production. Right way to go as to finish his performance and have the film dedicated to him. Just think of stuntmen taking the actors place during the rough spots.

Here is the WHY? Section:
(also known as the WTF section)
Why? Fans have been waiting for a Blade Runner Sequel for the longest. Scott isn't getting any younger and should put all of his efforts in this. Why bother with PM2. The first one sucked. Engineers, really?
UPDATE: Damn you do, damn you don't. Green Lantern was horrible so we know Prometheus is going to suck but he also wrote Blade Runner 2. How screwed up is that?
Why is he still making movies? How many times his films got the Raspberry Awards, the last being with Will Smith. He give Philadelphia a bad name. I've been there and loved it. They don't deserve this.
Why? Pacino's version is a modern classic. How can you top that U FKin Cacaroach...
Why? This has to be one of the worst shows ever on tv. I was like everyone else in the first season intrigue on the premise. Second season Lost me. Saw the ending the What the hell was that about? More questions than answer? Read the last line of the article:
"Happy to have questions be the legacy". Here's a new legacy: The reboot nobody asked for...

OK I'm done bitching. This week: Movie Reviews with Nymphomaniac 2, Divergent, both snore fests and Godzilla 1985 Retro as promised.
PS Thanks to all for reading my "Monsters" review. Got a lot of hits.....
"You like me, you finally like me!".........

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