Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesdays BR/DVD Reviews

Ratings: 1-5, Bad to Great. RB=Redbox.

Wolf of Wall Street: 4 (Movie not BR) This is more of a FYI than a review as I did not see the BR. Loved the movie, and if it weren't if McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club winning the Oscar, Leo would have gotten it for Best Actor. Man, he nails it. My favorite scene? Leo on Qualludes while trying to get to his car. Classic! Both this and American Hustle are a great double feature for a Saturday Night. This would have been a 5 if this was the original 4 hour version and not missing the boatload of features which were done for the promotion of the movie which none of that shows up here. So don't be surprise if  a special edition comes out down the road. Also Leo's Great Gatesby on BR did good business. Leo can sell BR's and fans will double dip for the Special Edition which is what I'm waiting for. Only a  making of included which is very surprising for a Oscar nominated picture. With that being said, trust me, it deserved the Oscar nod. I didn't think it was going to be all that and it was and more. Now where is that other hour? Don't be surprise of that Special Edition.

Avengers Confidential: 2 (RB) - While it does have a lot of action the 2nd act brings this to a dead stop with all the yacking between Black Widow and Punisher. Great Premise but they kind of blew it.
Slight Spoiler: Don't be fooled by the cover as the whole team doesn't show up until the last 10 minutes and with Marvel animation, it looks like they made this at a third rate animation factory overseas. Something I said before that DC gets right.

Delivery Man: 3: (RB) A dramedy with a good heart. I was surprise by this one. New nothing of the original so I took the film for what is was with a far fetch idea. But it worked. What makes this works is Vaughn in a comedic situation but plays it straight. Low on the funny parts and gets a little sappy but I was expecting junk especially after Vaughn did that Google movie with Owen. (sorry google, please dont cancel my blog, thank you0. But it does make a nice date movie. Nothing wrong with that.

Chinese Zodiac: 4: (RB) Not the grand finale that you wish Chan would have for his supposedly last movie. But it delivers all the goods you would find in a Jackie Chan movie including the great stunts and of course the outtakes during the end credits. But beware for you Chan purists as Green screen is used in some scenes for safety sakes but it does get in the way in some scenes. But nowadays is to be expected. It's Mission Impossible meets Indiana Jones looking for Head Stones. Who cares, its all fun.

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