Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Website Coming

Movie reviews have been postponed until tomorrow as I am working on 2 thing upgrades.

As you can see I updating this Blog to make some things stand out and clearer.
This will make it easier to see when later this summer I will add some more links. Also...

Say goodbye to the old look as this whole site will be replaced by a more streamlined
website as I am changing the website program for a more simple less cluttered look
but which will offers pages for pictures, video and brand new shopping page featuring
original t-shirts and other surprises.

Only the home page with todays date has been posted and the rest of the site
will stay with March dates as no more updates will be done with this site.

A new blog will be posted here to announced the new site but in the meantime
reviews and the Godzilla 1985 Pt.2 will be posted here later this week.
Basically late spring cleaning and a new look for the summer.

Note: In case you haven't caught up, make sure you see last Fridays Blog
for our Godzilla 1985 breakdown review.


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