Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's Mini DVD/BR Reviews

Today we cover Blu-ray/DVD and Redbox Reviews. Remember to see IMDB for full details on cast, crew This will be updated later this afternoon.

American Hustle: 5 - The picture that Scorcese was supposed to direct. Great cast ensemble is what makes this picture work. Sorry Jlaw, you were not all that besides all those damn awards. Oscar saw that. It's a Dramedy that works. Or wait for the 'other Best Picture' Wolf of Wall St. next week.

Savings Mr. Banks: 4 - Emma Thompson putting Tom Hanks in his place is funny in itself being in charcter that is. I prefered her Oscar nod performance over Blance and Streep (who should have won). She was funny with a lot of heart. Only the sad flashbacks with Colin Farrell (who was great in the role) brings this story down. Less flashbacks and more Disney this would have been perfect. Note to Producers. If your going to make a picture about Walt Disney's human flaws, don't do it at the House of Mouse. Duh!

Mandela: 3 - Idris Elba saves this film from being a by the book numbers Bio. This deserved a 3 hour movie on the Lifetime Channel to tell a decent story. Stick with the Biography Channel if you want to know about his life. I didn't learn crap watching this. But Elba deserved his award nods.

Odd Thomas: 3(RB) - This was a fun movie with a good cast. Odd little movie with "Chekov" saving the earth from evil. Lots of action kept this moving with some funny moments. Surprisingly this had a sad ending which as a nice touch. It did have a sequel setup that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Kill Your Darlings: 2(RB) - Good talent completely wasted on a dismal script. Seeing Harry Potter getting rimmed by another dude is not my day at the movies. What was "Dexter" doing in this?

20FT Below: 1(RB) - Ok Trejo's in this from beginning to end and clocks in 20 minutes of screen time.
Trejo and the homeless are underground in the train tunnels setting up a revolution or something like that. He's he reading these scripts? Pay must be good for one day's work. He's in one room the whole time reading cue cards. Cut these scenes up, spread across the film, move on to the next picture.

Reasonable Doubt: 2(RB) - Jackson doing his usual "I'm crazy like a MotherFK and being Whity's nightmare" shtick. Good cat and mouse between the 2 actors trying to survive a by the book script.

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