Sunday, March 02, 2014

Independent Spirit Awards

Lupita Wins! Yes! On her Birthday too! 12 Years, Dallas Buyers Club and Nebraska win big.

This is a completely different award show where these films were independently produced outside the studio system hence why Hustle and Wolf St. were not nominated. You won't see  a $200M Marvel or DC comic franchise in this bunch. This was a fun show with a different vibe altogether hence some of the colorfu language that gets said, so don't see with the kiddies in the room. This is being repeated on the IFC channel so check the schedule for the 2 hour show.
Now here is a independent group where they pick the worst of the year. All tongue in cheek of course.
Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry won for Worst Actresses of the year, different years of course, but they showed up to collect their statues! Good sense of humour on the behalf of the actresses.
Movie 43 got the nods, that picture is on my top 10 worst list by the way, and Will Smith & Son along with Tyler Perry got the worst actors nods. Smith should really think about doing INDY4 Sequel.
Strangely enough Adam Sandler didn't win anything this year. Grown Ups 2 got trashed big time from these group. Well that goes to show you how bad Movie 43 is.

More repeated posts from this past week before the big show tonight and a live BTR this coming week
to wrap up the Oscars.

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