Thursday, March 27, 2014

Batman 75th and Captain America Retiring?
2 Articles on Batman's 75th Anniversary with a breakdown on the activities planned. This is a great time to be a Batman fan. Shame it's got that Superman movie sequel to tarnish the brand.

It also didn't help with Robert Downey Jr. says they are going to be replaced because of age. Just ask
Harrison Ford who might have to say goodbye to Indy. Well he did wait to late. Again it's all about the franchise and brands. All the best Actors, Directors, Writers are going to tv/cable/netlfix etc for the stories. In that mediium it's about the people making these shows and movies. Not about masks, capes, brand names, SFX, CGI and Merchandies. But that's what Corporate America is pushing wth these Pole Tent Movies. 

Well that doesn't help matters, but that's the problem. Everyone wants streaming but the studios don't want to change the old system.

In NYC before 12 pm AT AMC tickets are $8.00 or slightly more for Imax 3D when usually tickets are $15 for regular and over $21 for Imax 3D. This is during the week so 1 day is not going to make a difference. Again a dog chasing his tail.

An  app that scared the crap out of Hollywood. It's along read but hits on a lot of points. Staying home and binging on anything you want is the future. Exccept they don't want do admit it and accept it.
Remember the Record Business? Napster took care of thier ass, the start of it all. Flash forward we have Spotify laeding the way. So lets take a look at the links below how this is revolving:

I'll be baack!
Get to the Chopper Now! and Join The Dark Side.....and how this works:

No, I didn't download the app to try it out, that's up to you. But I posted these just to look into the Crystal Ball. While I don't support anything illegal, I do like the idea that I get to see what the hell I
want when I want it without being tied down by limits. More on this on a future live show on BTR.

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