Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Movie Reviews

Ratings: 1 - 5, Bad to Worst
Note: More to be added during the week on this list due to time issues.

My No.1 Worst Movie of the Year for my website. I didn't have the patience to sit in on what is basically a setup for a franchise aka Twilight and Hunger Games. I am so done with these. The story? Simple: They jump on and off a train for the first hour. 2nd hour the heroine is strapped in a chair aka Matrix, a big fight happens near the end, mother dies. Then the movie leaves you hanging for sequel. Fk this. The only reason I saw this, besides being dragged to it was that Ashley Judd was in it. And her character was a waste. Worst sci-fi movie of the year so far.

Note: Talk about trains and Sci-fi:
Snowpiercer with Chris Evans (Capt. America) John Hurt, Ed Harris.....4 out of 5!
Review coming next week. Think of Elysium meets Dark City and nods to flicks from the '70's.
Warning Alert: Just read the credits on IMDB as they are spoilers in the reviews.
I got an advance copy as this was released only in Europe so far.

Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 & 2: 1
In last weeks blog I describe Vol. 1 on a technical level. Basically 10 minutes of the so called sex scenes and 2 hours of yak. Same with Vol. 2 except more yak and about 15 minutes of sex scenes. The problem is besides being a boring movie, both Vol. 1 or 2, body doubles are used, fake penises, quick cuts and edits to hide so called explicit scenes. Ain't this NC-17 to begin with? What's with the tricks. But in Vol. 2 it gets ugly which involves a whipping with ripped skin, a rape with a beating ending with a golden shower. This is entertainment? On a porn site is one thing if your into this kind of thing. But a so called Art Movie which is just a pretentious overhyped bullcrap trying to past itself as a study on human nature and the pyschology of blah blah blah. What friggin nonsense. And people are falling for this Sh*t! 2nd worst movie of the year. There is one funny scene at the end which had me howling with somebody getting their due. Didn't see it coming. And for that this movie gets a 1.
Again don't fall for the hype, you are not missing anything. Ok uncut on a rental if your that curious.
At least I won't feel bad as being only one who wasted 4 hours of his life.

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