Friday, March 14, 2014

When Forbes Makes This Post...

I posted this yesterday but now Forbes has put out their own take on this. I said yesterday in so many words this is commercial suicide for CA3. The fans will be there cause this will tie to Avengers 3. So this has an already built in fan base. And if CA2 is good as they say then CA3 has it in the can. But will still lost at the box office. Why? People love to see a train wreck. Or as we New Yorkers say when we see a poor soul on a ledge ready to end it all: JUMP!
Sups could get trashed by the fans and critics and it will do huge just for human curiosity. I for one wants to see this succeed as I will still defend Affleck as Batman. But the movie is such a sad cry to get Justice League of the ground and playing catchup to Avengers.
For me this is going to be fun as who will win at the end. Nope, not at the boxoffice but at the
DVD?Blu-ray sales in the long run. Both IM3 and Sups did horrible at sales but in the meantime Hungers Games did 4 Million on its first shipment of sales. Do the math: 4m times $20 bucks a disc.
That's retirement money to some.

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