Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday's Mini Movie Reviews and Links

Slow week so here is a few reviews until next week where there will be a lot. And a few links that didn't make yesterdays news.

Robocop: 2 - Trying to reinvent a franchise and adapt it for todays point of view just doesn't work.
I'm a huge fan of the first one mainly because it was politically incorrect or was it?
It's not so much for the PG-13 rating (probably unrated for the BR release), but the film is just so lame and while having some good action comes out really bland. I would see this again only for the commentary as it's well known the director wetn though hell putting this together. No commentary?
Oh well, I'll save my money for the Lego Movie Collector's set.

Android Cop: 1 - Almost Human meets Robocop ripoff. Recycled plot, recycled everything. Shame, a lot of good actors in here. Man, unemployment is really bad out there. So can't blame them tho.

Battle of the Damn: 2 - Dolph kicking lots of Zombie ass. Yep, zombies. And a Robot to boot! Even he had to get in the mix. This wasn't too bad if for the fact its just jumping on the zombie band wagon. But it dfoes have a lot of action, no matter how silly it is and you have Dolph who's always fun to watch.
The Big GZ being released back in theatres. The original without American Actor Raymond Burr.
The same thing happen with the 1985 release which was internationally known as "The Return of Godzilla" which was cut for american release to include an older Raymond Burr and portions of the Japanese print was cut out to make room for the american scenes. They should release this both on the big screen and a new Blu-ray release. I have the import which has the original cut, No Raymond Burr, and a spanish language track instead of Japanese. A review of that disc will be posted here this weekend.
I posted a link yesterday for the Oscars'; "For Your Consideration" which had an intensive look on the making of the picture. While I was disappointed in the film, not bad, just why make a trilogy on a very small book?, I will buy this collection as I did with the original LOTR Spec. Ed. with the bookends.
I can't believe what a mess this is for a really bad broadway play. My problem was the music was horrible by Bono & Co. Hopefully they stay away from Broadway and this will never see the light of day as far as a film version. Les Mez it is not!

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