Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Season 3 Premiere on Blog Talk Radio

Not much today as we are doing our Season Premiere on Blog Talk Radio.
If we have a problem then we will finish the test and do the show tomorrow.
But had to post an interesting link, couldn't wait for this one, and 2 warnings on Redbox.
Really? Or is Travolta blowing his horn.I always thought he plays a great villian so I have no problem with that but it seems like he's trying to complete with against Javier Bardem with a large over the top presence. But it would be fun to see him go against a very solemn Craig's Bond. Then again it just could be the start of hype for the Bond Franchise. I'm good with that.

Devil's Due: 0 - Shaky cam lost footage crap. Hope they lose the negative. Dad records eveything including baby devil birth and both mom and dad deaths. Evil doers grab devil baby. End of movie.

Seal Patrol: 1 - (also known as BlackJacks, known as a Navy Seal kind of Mercenaries. Warning:
Eric Roberts is in this. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, this is just a supersize SyFy flick
where Roberts sends in a team to blah blah blah and instead the team confronts a big giant creature who's pissed off because blah blah blah. The best part of the team going against the creature after it picks off its members one by one doesn't happen until the last 20 minutes. Up until then the team just blows up things and shoots everything in sight. Generic to say the least and the poor creature was a bad CGI effect. No respect for the poor thing.

Follow up tomorrow with BTR and other announcements for the rest of the month.
Note: Bafta's are coming this Sunday and I will have some predictions posted this weekend.
Bafta's are the British version of The Oscars.

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