Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Links

Wow, What a great night for a Sunday. Beatles tribute and Michonne goes Zombie crazy.
Note: We did some tests run on BTR and Season 3 premiere this Wednesday. But I'll still be doing some more test runs on the Fuankisan page. You listen to it via the Widget. Also another picture from my theatre hideout from last week and more this week with new banners.
Mixed bag if anything else but my favorite parts where when Grohl, Jeff Lynne and Joe Walsh took over. They put things in high gear. Nice to see Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart back together but they deserved a better song to play. BUT...didn't anyone notice 1970's Superstar Peter Frampton as one of the backup musicians? So ar no article has mentioned this. Man, that is a shame.
Talking about Music, I didn't see this coming. Armisen started as a musician but why go back when you have a hit show with Portlandia, unless it pays more then what the hell. Max Weinberg did it with Conan after playing with Bruce in stadiums.And Fallon playing drums with the Muppets. Cool.
So they just concentrated on some main characters and the trailer shows it will concentrate on the others next week. Special thanks to AMC for Talking Dead then the repeat. Great way to cach up.
My favorite scene alone for those who haven't seen it yet (Hulu), Michonne gts her freak on. Heads up!
Another trilogy? When they can't even get their act together in bringing this to the screen to begin with.
 Of course the main story is how they are going to approach his exit from FF franchise. Same
with Phillip symour Hoffman. He still had somemajor scenes to do for Hunger Games. Remember with The Crowe and Gladiator when they had to cut & paste the actors final performances. TEchnically they can do this with ease nowadays. So that is not the problem. The problem we the audience can tell where the stitches are once the wound is healed.
Interesting filmmaking 101 video with behind the scenes. Going to check out this movie again on Blu-ray. Redford really manages to hold this film together all by himself. Shame no Oscar nod.

My hideout for the weekends. This theate usually plays american films but it being a slow week they decided to add a spanish flix and doubled up on Nut Job with Hercules for afternoon showing. Sold out on the weekends but sometimes it can be a ghost town aka Devils Due. Talk about empty.

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