Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thursday Leftover's Including Links and Reviews.

Some links and 2 movie reviews from Redbox that you need to avoid at all costs.
Boys and Girls, can we spell asshole? Billy Bailey should keep quiet. The Axl Rose band is nowhere kick ass as The RHCP. And Flea (one of the nicest guys according to friends who met him) fess up big time. And besides this is not Carnegie Hall where real musicians matter, its a frigging football game!
Nope, no apologies to GnR as they don't exist (no Slash no band) and what happenned to the Broncos?
Ok everyone pick your favorite bullshit performance. Hate to admit but most of them are good.
"Game Over Man!" Does this sound desperate or what. Anything to save this boring show right?
What the hell are they thinking. Is there a fever going round about miscasting these roles?
Excuses, excuses, excuses. Nothing worse than not backing up your decision and start with all these explanations on why the mistake in the first place. This is such a joke. But it's going to be one hell of a comedy when all said and done. I can't wait.

Field of the Dead: 1 (RB) - Awful and boring. College kids hang out at a farm when one gets possessed and kills everyone off one by one. All because of ghosts told the female to do so. One interesting kill, well sort of, at the end. Again filmmaking 101, rent a barn, make a film.

The Apartment 1303: 0 (RB) - ZERO! Haunted apartment with cams set up all over aka Paranormal.
There is nothing here what so ever. How not to make a cheap film.
PS. This is suppose to be a remake of a Japanese Horror film with the same title which has no resemblence to it besides people committing suicide again because of the ghost.
The Japanese version would get a 2 as that has an actual story.

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