Sunday, February 23, 2014

"For Your Consideration" NOT! "Before Midnight" Review

The Midnight Trilogy: 1 - As I like to call it. The Ultimate Chick Flick. Not even the Twilight Franchise
can come close to this drek. Hence no fault of the actors who stuck to the damn script.
These include:
Before Sunrise: yak yak yak
Before Sunset: ZZzzzzzzzzz
Before Midnight: Nag Nag Nag. Nominated for Best Screenplay is beyond me.

I decided to post this today instead of my precious Friday Post since everyone tonight is watching Animation Domination or the Olympics and nobody was going to read a long post. So this will be real quick. This has to be the worst franchise. Kudos for getting the 2 leads together after 18 years from the first film but these are 2 characters you couldn't care less about only to end up with them married and she bitching about everything for the last film. If you're really curious check out the link for IMDB which explains the trilogy. I'm going to channel surf between Animation and the Olympics then the Waling Dead repeat. Man, what a great Sunday.

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