Monday, February 03, 2014

Monday Links

Well how about those to big upsets this weekend? Seahawks beating Broncos and
the new Lex Luthor. People are just going Batshit over this. But first......
No problem with Ride Along almost breaking $100m. Film is not a big deal but Kevin Hart deserves it.
Lone Survivor, finally saw it and this deserves its $100m. First Top 10 for 2014. BUT...
What the hell is with this "Frozen". The most over rated Disney movie ever. Hulk Mad!
This movie couldn't get any better publicity but by timne this comes out, nobody isgoing to care.
The worst superhero movie of all time as far as I'm concern but...he did mentioned Darkseid.
New Justice League coming out tomorrow on BR. Review coming on Wednesday. Solid 4 of 5.
It's fun being a superhero fan this week. Lex news, JL Blu-ray and Lego this weekend. All good.
Posted this during the weekend and again here for the celebrity comments. Very nice.
Sorry but it seems a little close to the books as far as the themes go. Just make the damn thing already.
Anbd some franchises just won'tgo away. Speaking of which.....below...
I mentioned this at a previous job and people look at me "yeah right, who made you an expert".
Well flash forward and here are the dino's. It's going to suck and we are all going to see it. Right?
And we are all going to see this, right. Well besides some people questioning Foxx being cast this mostly had no drama not like that other superhero *sups cough* movie *bats cough*. But this one looks like it's got that multi villains in one movie right with the start of Sinister 6 as rumoured.

Update: Yep we are now testing Blog Talk Radio and Furankisan. You can see this at the widgets
on the right. We are going for a Feb. 11-12 Premiere date. More testing this week.

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