Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday Mini Reviews

Today I'm combining both recent movies and Blu-ray as they are many reviews to cover. But first..

The one link that not posted but if there's one that tops that Horse Doggy friendship it's this one.
Wow, the good old days from my genenration. And man it was fun. And no Bieber!

Lone Survivor: 5 - Excellent movie with a strong cast. What surprise me was the director Peter Berg finally got a good picture under his belt. I hated Hancock and Battleship was a frigging board game. The other surprise was Taylor Kitsch, after 3 major bombs he's finally has something good on his resume. Very tough film to see which is why I waited so long to see this after told how sad it was.
Special credit on how the movie ends posted below. This is already on my top 10 for the year 2014.
None Spoiler: End credits show pictures of the real Navy Seals while Peter Gabriel sings a Bowie song.

Justice League: War: 4 - A reboot of sorts as how the JL got together. Based on the new 52 DC,
Shazam replaces Aquaman. Not have read the 52 Shazam to me just didn't fit but for the rest, I had a blast. Sane team that did Flashpoint, this is a very mature PG-13 with the cursing and Sups is an asshole. Generic story about Aliens trying to take over Earth but whocares. Its about the team and their powers and the action. Can't help to compare to The Avengers as a team whodon't get along this did have the humour, contrast and a big battle at the end. This what the future should be. But it won't.
Didn't see the bonus features but as with the past releases Warners do a great job as always.

Justice League Adventures: Trapped in Time: 3 - I love time travel and this story covers it with Lex Luthor from the future going back in time thanks to Karate Kid. The JL team gets together to fight Lex team that includes Bizarro out of all things. This would have gotten 4 but the animation does not compare to JL War as this looks like something leftover from the 80's with it's animation. What a shame. But again it's still a lot of fun with lots of action but short which was fine with me. And sorry to repeat myself. Warner does great with these animations (regradless of quality) but the live action, last 2 Sups, suck. On the other hand Marvel animation sucks (Anime Iron Man was horrible) but the movies are great. Can somebody back at the office get it together please.

Mischief Nite: 1(RB) - Blind girl fights off thugs in a house. Been there done that. Micheal Keaton did a better movie called : Penthouse North. But see the original which was made 1967 as Wait Until Dark.

Haunting of the Innocent: 1(RB) 1 is for 2 booby shots. That's it. Total FK bore of a movie. Avoid!

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