Friday, February 07, 2014

Jay Leno Goodbye and Beatles Celebrations
Guess everyone heard about this ending which was pretty cool. By the way, highly recommended "The Last Waltz" directed by Martin Scorsese. Great music, played and sung by great musicians.
I love that little speech at the end but for the guests it was kind of lame. All those years and you get Sheryl Crow and Jack Black. How soon they forget.,p1
Yeah I stayed up to see history in the making then the repeat it seemed something was missing. But Billy Crystal made a nice speech and Garth always delivers.|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=101358435|Beatles%20business:%20Still%20m
The very few who can make that claim along with Zep, Floyd, fill in the blanks.
And there is so much material from the White Album to Let It Be. Enough outtakes for a few box sets.
And it never ends. We all know there's a lot of material laying around out there. Not that is a bad thing.
Sorry but Sir Elton nailed it. End of story.

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