Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Movie Reviews

Today includes a whopping 8 reviews with both movie and DVD/BR releases and a Redbox who are great for Direct to Video selections. Translation: There's a reason why they went here for future reference. See the reviews at the bottom of this blog.
Ratings: 0 to 5, Worst to Great. This wasn't a bad week, thank goodness.

3 Days To Kill: 3 - Whats up with Luc Beeson and Father & Daughter strain relationships. That thread follows a lot of his movies especially Taken. And hate to say that what drags this movie down for its 2 hour running time. They spend to much time on that aspect and not on him being a Expert Killer. But when they do this film rocks. Kevin Costner brings his own charm back to the screen and given everyone hates McG, God I hate that moniker, he does a good job with the action even sometimes the editing goes way of Micheal Bay. Great supporting cast and the villains are cool. Wait for home release where this would play much better.

Pompeii: 2 - Gladiator Lite Soap Opera. Only the last 25 minutes when the volcano blows its top is where all the action is. There is some arena gladiator fights scenes but those are so choppy and heavily edited, to keep it PG13, that it's not even worth seeing. At the end two gladiators decide to fight to the death. Don't you think running away from an exploding volcano is the better course of action? Guess it didn't matter after all. The giant Tsunami with the boat going through the city is the highlight. Spoiler: Volcano blows up, everyone dies. Then on to the History Channel for the facts.

Here is a clip from one of our You Tube accounts (feel free to look at out other vids) about a real life event of a volcano blowing it's top: Krakatoa, East of Java. 1969 with Maximilian Schell.

Blue is the Warmest Color: 1- Ok you horn dogs lets get this over with. Fast Forward to 1 hour and 15 minutes for the big 6 minute Lesbian sex scene. You're Welcome.There is a previous scene where Adele is in bed with a some guy and she looks bored. I know I was bored so that scene doesn't count.And that's it! It's a story about a girl searching for love and herself. I was searching to see what else was on Netflix for the night.  Boring Chick?! flick that runs way too long and she winds up with no one at the end and you couldn't care less. Criterion Edition just comes with a book and over charges for this. Really? For a six minute scene? At lease the character Adele was cute.

Thor: 4 - After seeing this 2 times I realized this story is a lame excuse for a sequel. And one of my fav Dr. Who Chris Eccleston is wasted and unrecognizable as the villain. Which brings me to Loki who doesn't do anything for the first hour. But the action does kick ass and there's enough to make up for the rest of the story and who doesn't go FLASH! AH- AH when they attack Asgard. This BR will be part of the collection cause this is still plain dumb fun. Commentary and 1 hour of features that needs to reviewed down the road.

Gravity: 5 - Some call it science, some Sci-Fi but actually this is a story of survival and Bullock does a great job especially when there's no dialogue going on.  This would make a great double feature with All Is Lost with Robert Redford as that's also a story of survial but on water.Technically Cauron will get his Oscar. Lot of features behind the scenes which were already shown on a lot of movie sights will make this part of the collection. Shame no commentary since English is not the main language of the director. Subtitles damn it! Subtitles!

Nebraska: 3 - Bruce Dern is great and I love the Black & White cinematography look of the film.
But highly overrated when it comes to the Oscars. Director Payne did Descendants with Clooney which I hated but he did Sideways which was funny as shit. On this one he should have written a shorter script as you lose attention to what is going on. But Dern makes it worth it.

Ice Soldiers: 2 (Redbox)- Actor Dominic Purcell is the new Direct to Video Action Star. Shame there's hardly any action until the second half of the movie. Last half does kick ass and ends with a surprise twist. But that time I just gave up. Kind of a retro 1980's action hero but fails short. And that Russian sure does look like Dolph. LOL.

Previous reviews:
Dark Vengeance: 3: (RB)Typical Seagal. He shows up at the beginning, kicks ass, rest of the cast takes over, then he shows up at the end and kills the villian. But thats ok, lots of action and if you love Seagal who doesn't do that much nowadays, its a good 2 for Tuesday.

Haunter: 1(RB) - A boring ghost story with a twist at the end. Soem decent acting by the posessed parents but there's nothing here to recommend this. Poor actors.

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